Energy Efficient Year Round Lighting for any Holiday!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Right now, your home may be bleeding energy, wasting precious resources, and draining your wallet. According to the United States Department of Energy, the average household consumes around 90 million BTUs of energy each year, much of it wasted due to lifestyle habits. We are all guilty of leaving lights on when we leave rooms, leaving computers and televisions on when not in use, and constantly adjusting thermostats to keep indoor environments comfortable. See how Trimlight works here.

When energy is wasted, our utility bills skyrocket. Making minor adjustments to our daily habits and incorporating innovative technology into our homes can decrease our energy use and enhance our lifestyle.

Saving Energy With Smart Technology

Innovations in smart home technology are constantly improving the lifestyles and energy bills of homeowners who want to control their energy usage. Through a variety of energy-saving strategies, these systems allow you to manage as much or as little of your home’s systems at the touch of a button.

If you leave home and forget to turn off your lights, no problem, just use the app on your smartphone to turn them off. You can control thermostats with ease, programming them to respond to your comfort levels automatically and even turn off appliances entirely when not in use.

Saving Time And Waste With Permanent Holiday Lighting

Every year homeowners drag out boxes of tangled lights for holiday decorating to find that most of the strands are not working. These strings of lights end up in the landfill, and money is wasted on purchasing new products that will ultimately fail sooner than later. More and more homeowners choose to install permanent holiday lighting on their homes, giving them unlimited usage at energy-saving costs. Trimlight of South Atlanta will give you a limited time discount now when you opt to install Trimlight before September.

Professionally installed, these lights are programmable and can be controlled from your smartphone. Enjoy changing their colors quickly to match the holidays and keep them white for the ultimate in curb appeal and security year-round.

Trimlight of South Atlanta Efficient Outdoor Lighting
Install energy efficient Trimlight for your pool or patio.

Smart Control Over Landscape Irrigation

Landscapes can cause quite a dent in your utility bill during the warmer months. Keeping lawns and flowerbeds watered, and healthy creates a strain on resources and energy usage. Homeowners who switch to intelligent technology home irrigation systems save time and money with the unique features that allow them greater control of watering schedules and amounts of water used in each zone. By controlling how much water hits each area, less water is wasted, and less energy is consumed. See how Trimlight works here.

Overall, the options for innovative home technology give homeowners more significant control over the energy consumption in their homes, saving time, resources, and money.

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