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Its a colorful experience. All designed by you!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

If you've been on our website looking at the types of useful cutting-edge modern lighting for properties that we install, you may have seen the staggering number of colors that you can control in one of these exterior lighting systems. See how Trimlight works here.

Is 16 million colors some kind of gimmick?

Not really. It's a way to describe what's at your fingertips when you install our recessed lighting systems. We’ll explain. Colors and Color Gradations One of the easiest ways to explain your choice in colors with Trimlight Select is to make the analogy to a modern computer monitor display. If you remember the old days of the 1980s with monochrome monitors, you had green or white text against the black background, and that was pretty much it. Your computer could draw pictures, but they would be single-color. Then we got into the days of VGA, with 12 and 24 and 64-color palettes, and that was pretty awesome at the time. But then those colors continued to evolve, and engineers came up with the modern RGB system that combined over 300 shades of each of these three colors in amazing permutations that could help digital photos imitate real life. That’s really a game-changer! Get a FREE ESTIMATE.

State-of-the-art Outdoor Lighting

So to cut to the chase, Trimlight Select uses the same type of color palette that your modern digital cameras and devices do.

When you see your smart phone's newest camera applauded in online tech media, you can know that your color schemes with Trimlight Select are in some ways the same. You can even control these color shades with a mobile device if it’s set up that way. The key is that each incrementally shaded hue counts as a color in and of itself and that’s where you get these astronomical numbers!

The bottom line is that this kind of color is a must for modern light applications – it’s a best practice, something that systems should have – instead, it’s like you’re still using one of those primitive monitors or screens with its limited colors! See how Trimlight works here. Let us share with you with Trimlight of South Atlanta offers in terms of professional installation, customer service, warranty and much more. This LED recessed lighting is a breeze to take care of, and has lots of versatility that you never got with older legacy systems. See what these types of exterior add-ons can do for your property, not just visually, but in terms of adding resale value, and making the holidays a lot more stress-free. Get a FREE ESTIMATE.


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